Pinnacle® Cervical Collar TX 174 (EACH)

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The Pinnacle family of cervical collars considers patient comfort in every detail, starting with structure. These braces are designed to support the unique anatomy of each patient through features like over-molded elastomeric support panels, strategic structural design and an ergonomic chin height adjustment knob. The design is enhanced by premium, super-soft anti-microbial fabrics laminated to highly breathable foam that reduce irritation and discomfort sometimes caused by more economic materials. Additional collar configurations give patients and their providers many options for achieving the ideal level of support. Pinnacle is the peak of comfort for cervical spine recovery.



  • Product Features and Benefits

  • An easy-to-adjust chin height dial and twelve adjustment positions for virtually unlimited fitting options
  • Flexible material zones that minimize pressure points
  • Antimicrobial cotton-hemp blend liners to help prevent skin irritation
  • Ultra-breathable foam padding to reduce perspiration
  • An extra set of pads to allow for continuity of care during pad cleaning
  • Anterior and posterior thoracic extensions provide additional support and control