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The 20.50 is the only brace to provide maximum function in flexion. It uses an inflatable and adjustable bladder to dynamically support the patellofemoral joint as the knee moves between 20° and 50° of flexion. Increasing the pressure on the lateral border of the patella, during flexion, maintains normal tracking and reduces the risk of additional injury, subluxation or dislocation for severe patellofemoral joint conditions. Once past 50° and into deep flexion, the brace relaxes allowing a full range of motion. The 20.50 is lightweight, low profile and built to work with the body and not interfere with daily activities.
Specifically designed for patients with recurrent patella subluxations and dislocations, the buttress offers the most support between 20° and 50° of knee flexion. This dual upright brace comes prefabricated in a 12" (30 cm) magnesium frame.

  • Common Examples of Use
  • Features

• Injuries / Hereditary diseases to the soft tissues of the quadriceps complex
• Subluxations / Dislocations to the quadriceps complex

• Dynamic design applies increased lateral pressure between 20° and 50° of knee flexion
• Pneumatic air bladder over a trimmable lateral buttress
• Lightweight magnesium
• Pneumatic patellar pad allows patients to adjust for their desired level of support
• Pivoting straps aid in preventing brace migration
• Quick-release buckles
• Up to 8° of load available on OA versions