Aligner PHX Humeral Fracture, w/Hand Attachment, Left, M (EACH)

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The Aligner PHX Humeral Fracture Brace is revolutionizing non-invasive humeral fracture care. This brace is engineered so healthcare providers can easily manipulate, control and correct bone alignment during the healing process – all without the need for surgery.
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• Mid shaft humeral fractures
• Distal third humeral fractures

•The only fracture brace that allows a physician to reduce a humeral fracture without surgery
• Combines common methods of stabilizing humeral fractures:
     ○ Sarmiento fracture cuff
     ○ ROM elbow brace
     ○ Figure of eight shoulder strap
• The physician takes an active role in alignment of the fracture

• Designed to decrease the chances of Gunstock Deformity (Cubitus Varus)
• The fracture can be moved into place instead of letting nature take charge of the alignment and gravity determine the final position
• Allows for shoulder to wrist immobilization of the arm