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Breg’s Achilles Wedge is designed to comfortably place the foot in plantar flexion to offload the Achilles tendon during rehab. The Achilles Wedge provides customized height adjustments and is available for all walkers except ROM walkers, Vectra Lite (unless a Heel Clip is used with the Vectra Lite) and the Integrity Walkers.
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  • Achilles tendon rehabilitation

  • Distinctive design disperses body weight evenly across the foot, eliminating pressure points
  • Polypropylene wedge material provides rigid support that does not compress like other wedges made of foam or rubber
  • Comfort pad places the foot at ease and on a soft surface during use
  • Comes with a forefoot and ankle extension strap to fit various sizes of walking boots

  • The Achilles Wedges “small” fits an extra small and small Vectra walking boot and small Full Shell walking boot
  • The Achilles Wedges “medium” fits a medium and large Vectra walking boot and medium Full Shell walking boot
  • The Achilles Wedges “large” fits a large Full Shell walking boot and extra large Vectra walking boot